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Mission statement & core values

Alaseal Company

Alaseal company for trade, industry and general contracting was founded in 1987, and by hard work and continued improvement and development,and focusing on quality and customer satisfaction, the company has become one of the largest companies in Palestine. The company acquired several exclusive agencies of major international companies working in the field of aluminum. The company also provides all the rare systems of aluminum clips, as well as all the accessories on all of those systems and through its branches in every area inside the city. The company product trademark registered ALC and got international quality certificates, which guarantees its products for more than 15 years for external use "PE-F", and for more than 25 years for internal use "PE-SDF" or what is known as ANODIZED. The company looks forward to reach their message to the whole world, through specific objectives. Vision High performance due to the strategic vision to meet the growing needs, and focusing on the international quality standards. The company is working to enhance its position, and provide product and service through which keeping customer satisfaction.

Time Line

was born in Gaza City in 1969 , specifically in the neighborhood of Al-Daraj
started working in aluminum industry


Mr. Osama Mohammed Saeed El Nassan, was born in Gaza City in 1969 , specifically in the neighborhood of Al-Daraj. Began his educational Process until high school and then moved to the aluminum industry in 1986, perfected this work and worked hard according to the laws of local and international industry. Then moved from a small shop to Al Aseal "normal company" in 1996 , and took the giant projects. In 2000, the company began importing from abroad and got agencies for major international companies in the aluminum industry, accessories and glass. After 3 years, the company improved itself to a limited private company . It separated commerce from industry, leads to founding a new company called "Modal" , the largest manufacturing company for projects in Palestine, and the parent company is the largest company in Palestine in aluminum industry . Modal company , the largest gallery of aluminumprojects to be the first of its kind in the country. Mr. Osama Nassan has been selected as president of the union of aluminum Industries . He has also worked on the development of the Union's headquarters and conference room and made it fully developed. Also involved in the Palestinian Businessmen Association as an effective member, and also contributes as an effective member in each of the Contractors Association, and the Chamber of Commerce, and many local unions as well. He also works as a manager of Modal company and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the union